Serving Western NY. Specializing in Newborn, Baby, Child and Family Photography


Where are you located?
My studio is located in Silver Creek, NY. If you take the Thruway it’s 5 minutes from the Silver Creek exit.

How do I contact you?
The best way to contact me is through email ( or a message through my Facebook business page, Julie Steklasa Photography.

Where do you take your photos?
During the warmer months I like to shoot outdoors at a location of your choosing. Newborn sessions are always done in my studio as are baby/child/family sessions during the winter months. I do travel outside the Silver Creek area for outdoor sessions as well.

How long will my session last?
Most sessions last one hour. Newborn sessions last around 2-3 hours and Mini Sessions are 20-30 minutes.

What form of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, check, credit cards and paypal. I require a $50 deposit at the time of booking. That $50 will go towards your order, but it is non refundable if you don’t show up or cancel your session.

How many photos will you take?
In general, I take around 300 photos at a session. But this doesn’t mean you will see all 300. I go through and select only the best to edit and show you. I’ll rapidly take 3 or 4 shots of the exact same thing, same pose, same setup, etc but only choose the best one. Any photos out of focus gets deleted. But I promise to show any and all smiles, laughs, even silly faces and anything else I think you would want to see.

How many photos will I see then?
I’ll edit and show you around 40-50 photos on average. Sometimes more if the session goes really well and I get a lot of good shots.

How long will it take you to edit?
It takes me 7-10 days to go through your photos and edit the ones I’ll be showing you. After that I’ll email you instructions on where to go to view them. Every client receives a link to an online gallery where they can view and download their photos.

What kind of products do you offer?
All sessions come with digital images. Digital images are available via digital download which means I put them in an online gallery and you receive a link to download onto a computer, tablet or phone.

What are your prices?
You can see more about pricing under “Pricing”.

What should my family/child wear?
Choosing the right clothing is very important! Clothing can make or break a photo. I encourage anyone who books a family session to check out some ideas on Pinterest – search “what to wear for photos” “clothing for photos” for some great ideas on coordinating colors. When booking a session with children, I allow 3-4 outfit changes. I do have some things for babies ages 6 months to 18 months to wear like tutus and ruffle rompers with matching headbands. Accessories are great too! Hats, scarves, jewelry…it all looks great and really enhances the look of your photos.

Can I choose my backdrops?
Yes! I have an album on my facebook page (Julie Steklasa Photography) showing all the popular backdrops I have for in-studio sessions (child sessions). A lot of times parents will email or text me photos of what the kids will be wearing and I pull out and set up backdrops that I think will work with their outfits. You can refer to that album when choosing your child’s outfits. You might see a backdrop that you love, but just make sure you bring an outfit that wont clash with it. If you want a backdrop that’s more “busy” in design then I recommend having your child wear solid colors. Prints on print doesn’t really make for a good photos.

If you’re bringing in a newborn, you wont need any clothes but I get all the backdrops and props out before you come. If there are certain colors you like or props you see that I have and want to use, then let me know before you come so that I can have them out and ready. My studio is stocked with props! Book early enough and I may even be able to custom make or buy hats/headbands and other props in colors you want to use in your session (I knit newborn hats and make newborn headbands and sell them online in my etsy shop so I have tons of these to use!)

What do I need to know when booking a newborn session?
It’s never too early to book your newborn session! Please don’t wait until baby is born to contact me, I only take a certain amount of sessions a month, I would hate to not be able to fit you in!

As soon as parents confirm that they want to book a session I write their due dates on my calendar and collect the deposit. Then when baby is born we schedule a date and time. I always ask that parents text me or email me right after babies birth so that we can set up an appointment soon after baby is born. Newborn sessions are best done within 14 days after baby’s birth, with day 7-12 being the best time. That way they sleep longer/better and don’t mind me moving them around as much. Babies over the 14 day mark tend to wake easier and don’t like to be moved and posed as much, resulting in a longer session with less variety in posing. Its extremely important we get baby in asap! I send all my newborn clients an email with information regarding their session (what to bring, what to expect, etc).

If you have any questions about anything not covered, don’t hesitate to ask!