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About Me

Julie Steklasa Family

Hello there! I’m Julie of Julie Steklasa Photography (formally Julie Rice Photography).

My interest in photography started when my children were small. I spent a lot of time in those early years learning everything I could photography related. I started my business in the summer of 2010 and quickly realized my favorite subjects were babies and kids. Today I only photograph babies, children and families because that’s what I love, and what better way to live than to get to do what you love everyday 🙂

In addition to photography I have an Etsy shop where I sell knitted newborn hats to other photographers. If I’m not busy taking or editing photos then I’m busy knitting!

Some of my favorite things in life are cats (I’d be a crazy cat lady if my husband wasn’t allergic to them), dinosaurs, gnomes, the color blue, collecting coffee cups, fresh flowers and floral prints, not having a normal 9-5 job (I get to sip my coffee in my pj’s all day if I wanted), mermaids, tattoos, being crafty and of course my beautiful family 🙂

My studio is located at 28 Lafayette Street in Silver Creek.